There is only one remaining Rape Crisis centre for the whole of London.

Thatís one small centre for 3.9 million women. The staff and volunteers who run the centre work with constant danger of closing over their heads and can never be sure that their core funding costs can be met from year to year.

During the run-up to his election, Boris Johnson promised, with much PR fanfare, to cut 20% from the City Hall press and pr budget and give the resulting £744,000 every year to Rape Crisis for at least 4 years.

Our campaign aim is taken from Boris' election manifesto and is very simple.

We want the £744,000 a year to fund the current centre and open three more.

That's what he promised and that's what we want him to deliver. No watering down, no disseminating funds to other organisations, no passing the buck to other funding bodies. Simply to keep his promise. £744,000 a year to fund the current centre and open three more. An election manifesto commitment is an election manifesto commitment.

Boris, Keep Your Promise - we know you want to!

Please get involved, even if you just let other people know about the campaign. We can make this shameful situation better with just a little help.

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We are running a campaign to find 2000 people who will sign up to a £2 a month (or more if you like) standing order to the last remaining independent Rape Crisis Centre in London. Just this tiny amount a month will give the centre regular, dependable income it can use for its core costs.

Every penny you give goes to supporting the amazing centre, its helpline and advocacy services. At present they are only able to help 18% of the women who approach them.
Let's help them help others.

Boris Keep Your Promise!
from BorisKeepYourPromise on YouTube.

We recorded this on the night of the launch of the campaign. See men and women from all over London, speaking out to encourage mayor Boris Johnson to fulfill his pledge to fund the only remaining Rape Crisis centre in the capital...

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